About Us

MOROVAN is a brand that specializes in nail products and is committed to helping every lady become an elegant and exquisite one. We provide a variety of poly gel, gel nail polish, acrylic powder, etc. for choice. With high quality and unique designs, the products are the perfect gifts for yourself or your friends.

Our business is set up for online sales only to keep the costs down and pass on all of the savings to you. By consulting our products online, we can save you up to 70%. All our products are of great quality and provide a return guarantee.

We make customer service the most important aspect of our business. We like to offer personal and genuine customer service rather than the robotic style you get from other large corporations.

MOROVAN was established in 2014 and has been working on nail art until now. From our global warehouses, we reach customers in more than 150 countries. To learn more about Morovan, visit us at https://morovan.com/. Our team of customer service staff can be contacted by email at support@morovan.com or by phone at +1(415)216-3524 or +86-19927488433 and are dedicated to ensuring that every one of our customers' expectations is exceeded.

If you would like to partner with us, you can click on this link "https://morovan.com/pages/cooperation-contact" for more details, or contact us via email at morovan.us@gmail.com directly!

At last, We sincerely thank every customer who likes us.