Beautiful Valentine's Day Nail Designs To Try Now

The holiday of love is upon us now. Valentine’s day is a special holiday to give that special someone extra love and appreciation. Now, most think Valentine’s day is for couples only, but I think it should be for yourself too. Especially, if you don’t have a Valentine for this year, then definitely be your own. Make Valentine’s day a reason to give yourself a self-care day. So, whether or not you have a Valentine you can still enjoy the holiday. Now, here are 35 Valentine’s day nail designs that will inspire you to try for yourself.

These designs can be used to go with your Valentine’s day mood or your outfit for the day. So, take a moment to give your nails some love and attention and give them a beautiful Valentine’s day design.

1. Glitter Hearts

What’s love without a little sparkle. These nails have cute sparkly hearts on two nails to put a spotlight on the holiday of love.  

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2. I Heart It

Let’s bring a Valentine’s Day twist to the classic French tip. This design is similar to the past one, but these stiletto nails are doing just that with these red and pink hearts. Hearts are what makes most of these Valentine’s Day nail designs and I love it.

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3. Purple Hearts

A beautiful Valentine’s day inspired nail design with purple and red hearts spread across various nails. The clear background makes them pop even more. 

4. Roses

You can pretty much say roses are Valentine’s day flowers like poinsettias are Christmas flowers. So, there is no way you could go without seeing beautiful roses on these nails. This design uses acrylic to create a more realistic rose, and all I can say is that it is beautiful. 

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5. Marble Design

This purple and blue marble design is so pretty especially, with the gold pieces on top. The nails with the heartbeat and love make this design stand out even more.