Winter Manicure: 20 Tips for Winter Manicure in January 2023!

At the start of a new year, we all often feel like we want to form new habits, get rid of old ones, and most often, change our appearance. Some take part in the plank challenge, some head to the barber for a perky bob, but why not start with a cozy winter manicure in a color that's new to you. From new winter twists on classic patterns to unique nail designs that will keep you from getting bored, here are the best winter manicures of 2022 to try this January and wear them well into spring.

Geode nails as a trend for 2022 - Noble Gold Foil Nail Designs

geode gelnägel mit goldfolie und milky nagellack


geode nägel mit goldfolie 2022 trend


This imaginative nail design also looks like an updated version of the classic cream and rose quartz manicures. Nails are painted translucent white, while gold leaf or glitter creates impressive layers.

A frozen nail design is ideal for your winter nails 2022


winter nägel kurz - milky nails und eis

Simple winter nails 2022 with glitter


winter french nägel mit glitzer und hellrosa

You have to admit: There was no shortage of great nail trends in 2022. But you will love the 2023 nail trends just as much. If you're not ready to part with your 2022 favorites like French and Babyboomer Nails, don't! These will get a modern upgrade in 2023. Metallic French nails, for example, are among the coolest ideas for winter nails 2023. The glitter gradient on baby boomer nails is also often made at the top of the nail bed.

Pink glitter gradient nails


winterliche gelnägel für januar mit glitzer


The use of glitter adds a sparkling and glamorous touch to any nail design. In 2023, the larger, hexagonal glitter particles will be even more popular. These also have a holographic effect and sparkle in different shades depending on the incidence of light.


winter gelnägel designs mit glitzer und schneeflocken

The hexagonal glitter is available as a powder and is applied precisely to the nails with a brush. With a milky white color it creates a cool look as if the glitter was frozen under ice. This also serves as a great background for winter motifs such as snowflakes.

White/purple glitter gradient with snowflakes as an accent


winterliches nageldesign mit glitzer und schneeflocken selber machen


Winter nails with snowflakes


schlichte winter nägel mit nude und schneeflocken


Snowflakes are a typical motif for winter nails and enchant us with their filigree beauty. They are painted on the nails in very different shapes and ideally complement other winter nail design motifs. Great effects can also be achieved with fine sugar glitter powder.

Rhinestones and pearls can also complement the snowflakes beautifully


winter nägel mit schneeflocken und sugar effekt


Polar bears in the winter forest


winter nägel ideen in blau und grau mit bärchen

Do you love the snowy mountains in winter? Then you can conjure up a whole winter landscape on your nails. Ice blue, light gray and fir green look beautifully wintry. An absolute highlight of this manicure would be a cute polar bear.

Knit Nails remain popular


winter nägel für januar in babyblau und weiß mit eisbärchen


The polar bear design is great for an accent nail on either hand and also pairs well with other colors like pink and dark blue. Adorn the other fingernails with cozy knitting patterns that look confusingly similar to your wool sweaters.

Simple and sweet pink manicure


winter nägel in rosa mit eisbär handschuh und glitzer


Happy Snowman


winter nägel in grau mit schneemann

Building a snowman in January is the dream of many. But if you live in an area without snow, you shouldn't wait for it. Instead, you can simply adorn your nails with a beautiful snowman nail design. An orange nose and happy smile will lift your spirits on dreary winter days.

Adorable snowman is the perfect nail design for winter


winter nägel design mit schneemann selber machen


Comfortable Mittens


Winter Nägel in Altrosa mit Glitzer und Handschuh-Motiv


Mittens are a useful accessory on particularly cold days. Their shapes evoke sweet childhood memories and are super easy to apply on nails. With fluffy fur on the straps, they look extra cute and warm. For children, both mittens are usually attached with a string so that the mittens are not lost. This can also be included in the design.

Pink nails with purple gloves


schöne winter nägel in rosa mit handschuhen

When it comes to color, you'll be spoiled for choice. Luscious nail designs can grab attention with their bright colors and sparkling glitter, or stay in subtle browns, whites and silvers. It is best to use cool pastel shades for the background and glitter of the gloves. Then make the outline with classic snow white.

The pattern is also perfect for short nails


winter nageldesign für kurze nägel mit handschuhen


3D looks can be created through the clever use of color


winter nägel motive selber machen


Fuchsia mittens look especially good on black nails


winterliche gelnägel mit handschuhen selber machen


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