Top coat & Base coat : What are and used for

Base coat and top coat are two essential steps in the process of nail art. They can help nail polish adhere better and protect it, thus extending the durability and beauty of the nail art. Let's discuss them in detail.

The base coat is a layer of polish applied before the nail polish. There are many different types of base coats, including foundation base coat, strengthening base coat, repair base coat, and so on. The foundation base coat enhances the adhesion of the nail, making it easier for the nail polish to adhere to the nail surface. The strengthening base coat can strengthen the nail hardness, making the nails more sturdy and less likely to break. The repair base coat is used to repair small flaws on the nail surface, making the nails look smoother.

Top coat & Base coat

The color of the base coat is usually transparent, so it won't affect the color of the nails. The base coat is a transparent gel that prevents pigment precipitation and protects the nails, increasing the adhesion of the nail surface to the color. The base coat is easy to use, it should be applied evenly on the nail surface after the binding agent, and then cured under a light for one minute. After curing, the nail surface will be glossy, moisturized, and translucent.

Base coat

The top coat refers to the final layer of polish applied to the nail surface. Its purpose is to protect the nails and increase the durability of the nail art. The top coat also has different types, such as glossy top coat, matte top coat, crystal top coat, and so on. The glossy top coat can increase the shine of the nails, making them look more brilliant. The matte top coat gives the nails a matte effect, making them look more understated. The crystal top coat has higher transparency, making the color of the nails clearer and brighter.

Glossy Top Coat

Matte Top Coat

Using the top coat is also very simple. It increases the brightness of the nail surface and makes it more durable and scratch-resistant. Apply it evenly on the colored nail polish, and cure it under a light for two minutes. After curing, the surface will be glossy and translucent, without floating gel, and no need for scrubbing.

When using base coat and top coat, it is important to use high-quality products to ensure that they do not cause damage to the nails. In addition, different types of base coat and top coat have different applications, and it is important to choose the right one based on the specific situation.

In summary, the base coat and top coat are two very important steps in the nail art process. By using them correctly, we can protect our nails and make the nail art more durable and beautiful.

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