Poly nail gel: Beginner Tutorial

Poly nail gel is currently very popular. It is a new type of nail product that has been gaining increasing recognition in the market. If you are interested in Poly nail gel, be sure not to miss this blog.

Simply put, Poly nail gel is a new type of nail product that combines the flexibility of UV gel and the strength of traditional acrylics. Its usage is similar to traditional UV gel, but it is easier to shape and does not require the speed and time limitations before the gel begins to harden. Compared to some other nail products, the application of Poly nail gel is very simple. Even without professional skills, users can easily make beautiful nails.

Poly nail gel

Poly Nail Gel can be used to increase the length and thickness of nails, and create beautiful 3D effects. Unlike regular nail polish, this product is made from a polymer material, making it more durable and pliable.

The main benefit of Poly Nail Gel is that it helps create a more beautiful nail effect. It can make your nails fuller and stronger, while also adding length and shaping to your nails, helping you create more personalized and fashionable nail styles. Due to its unique material and texture, Poly Nail Gel can also create a variety of rich 3D effects, such as patterns, geometric shapes, three-dimensional patterns, and more, making your nails more three-dimensional and vivid.

Another advantage of Poly Nail Gel is its durability. Compared to traditional nail polish, Poly Nail Gel can last for weeks or even months on your nails without deteriorating or being damaged due to exposure to air. This makes Poly Nail Gel ideal for those who want to maintain beautiful nails during travel or vacations, as well as for those who want to maintain beautiful nails for a long time.

Poly nail gel

Poly Nail Gel also has the characteristic of being easy to use. It can be directly applied to the surface of the nails, and the operation is simple, which makes Poly Nail Gel very suitable for use at home.

Steps for using Poly nail gel:

1.First, remove dead skin and file the nail surface.

2.Apply a Nail Prep Dehydrator evenly, without curing under a lamp.

3.Apply a Acid-free Nail Primer evenly, without curing under a lamp.

4.Apply the base coat evenly and cure it under a lamp for one minute.

5.Select the nail tip that fits your nail size and squeeze the gel into it. The amount of gel should be determined according to the length of the nail. Use a UV gel nail brush to spread the gel evenly.

6.Place the nail tip on the finger, starting from the back and keeping a distance of 0.3 mm from the nail bed.

7.The gel inside the nail tip should adhere to the nail surface without any air bubbles.

8.Secure the nail tip with a clear clip, flip the finger over and evenly press the gel, then cure it under a lamp for one minute.

9.Remove the clip and nail tip. The surface should be smooth and transparent without any floating gel.

10.File the nail to shape, and use a sanding strip to smooth any uneven areas. Clean the nail surface with a cleanser, apply a top coat evenly, and cure it under a lamp for two minutes. Finally, apply a nutrient oil and massage until absorbed.

Transparent poly nail gel

Transparent poly nail gel

Many people who have tried Poly nail gel really enjoy the experience and results. It can make nails look more even, natural, and less fragile. Poly nail gel also offers versatility, as it can be used to create various nail shapes and styles, allowing for experimentation and exploration of different designs.

In summary, Poly Nail Gel is a very practical and versatile nail product that can help you create more beautiful and fashionable nail styles. It has many advantages, such as durability, ease of use, and a rich 3D effect, making it very suitable for use at home and making your nails stand out.

Poly nail gel tutorial video

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