How to Quickly Remove Gel Nails Using Nail Polish Remover ?

Beautiful gel nail decorations can add a touch of glamour to your fingers. However, when you want to change the nail color or give your nails a break, quick and proper nail polish removal is crucial. 


How to remove nails quickly with nail polish remover?

For a quick process, we highly recommend using nail polish remover. Nail polish remover typically features a potent formula that can quickly and thoroughly dissolve various types of polish, including deep colors, glossy polishes, and long-lasting gel polishes. This means you won't need to invest excessive time and effort in polish removal.

Nail polish remover often contains special ingredients like glycerin or vitamin E, which help protect and nourish your nails. Compared to other methods like using vinegar or other chemical substances, nail polish remover is gentler, reducing the risk of damaging your nails. The remover typically forms a protective barrier around your nails, preventing polish from seeping into your skin. This contributes to reducing the risk of skin irritation and dryness caused by polish.

In comparison to methods involving soaking cotton balls in polish remover, nail polish remover works more quickly in removing polish. This is especially useful for those seeking to complete the removal process swiftly, making it particularly handy for people looking for a fast polish removal solution.

Different types of nail polish require different removal methods. Nail polish remover, however, is often a universal solution that works well for various types of polish. Whether you're using regular polish, gel polish, or any other special type, nail polish remover can effectively do the job.

Now, let's go through the steps of nail polish removal:

1、File the top coat gel

2、Apply a thin layer of liquid tapeto the nail edge, wait for 60 air dry, and form a film.

3、Apply a layer of nail polish remover to the entire nail surface. taking care not to touch the skin.

4、Wait for 3-5mins till it cracks.

5、Clean the residue gel from the cuticle pusher.

6、Remove all the gels from bottom to top with the cuticle peeler.

7、Buff the nail to be smooth.

8、Finishing by cleaning nails with alcohol pads and massaging the cuticle oil.

It doesn't require too much time. By choosing the right product and method for you, you can swiftly and effectively remove your nail polish. So, come and experience the satisfaction of using nail polish remover to remove your polish quickly!

Quick nail removal with nail polish remover

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