Nail files & Nail drill: Nail polishing tools for beginners

1.Nail files

Nail file is one of the tools in nail art, mainly used for nail shaping and polishing. Nail files come in different shapes and sizes, and you can choose the style that suits your needs.

Functions of nail files:

Nail polishing: Nail files can also be used to polish nails, making them smoother and more even, reducing the sharpness of the edges and avoiding nail tearing and breakage. Polishing the nails can make the surface of the nails smoother, and when applying nail polish, it will be more even, making the nail art effect more perfect.

Repairing damage: If the nails have cuts or cracks, we can use a nail file to repair them. The nail file can remove the edges or cracks on the surface of the nail, making the nail edges smooth and preventing further damage to the nails.

Creating different shapes: When the nails are too long or have irregular shapes, we can use a nail file for trimming. With different filing surfaces, we can easily file the nails to the appropriate length and shape, avoiding the harm and discomfort that may be caused by using nail clippers or scissors. Nail files can also be used to create various nail shapes, such as square, round, oval, etc. Different shapes can create different styles and atmospheres, giving people different feelings and impressions.

Nail files

  1. Sponge strip: used for sanding the nail surface of real nails, remove the nail surface grease, so that the acrylic nail maintenance time more durable.
  2. Long round sanding strips, diamond-shaped sanding strips: used with fake nail trimming and sanding shape, generally have two different grit surface, fine sand side is 240 mesh, coarse sand side is 180 mesh.

Nail file is an important component of manicure tools, which can be used to trim, polish, repair and shape nails. When choosing a nail file, we should select high-quality abrasive material to ensure its durability and avoid damaging the nails. In addition, we should also pay attention to the proper use and maintenance of the nail file to prolong its service life.

2.Electric nail drill

Electric nail drill is a professional manicure tool that can be used for trimming and polishing nails, and can efficiently complete manicure processing in a short time.

Functions of the electric nail drill:

Trimming nails: The electric nail drill are usually equipped with different types and sizes of grinding heads, which can easily trim the length and shape of nails, making your nails neater and cleaner.

Polishing nails: By using different grinding heads of the electric nail drill, nails can be made smoother and more even, eliminating the sharpness of the nail edge, reducing nail tearing and breaking. Polishing nails can make the surface of the nail smoother, making it easier for you to apply nail polish.

Buffing nails: The electric nail drill can also use polishing heads to buff the surface of the nail, making the nail more smooth and shiny. Buffing can make nail polish more evenly applied to the surface of the nail, making the nail look more shiny.

Removing dead skin: The electric nail drill can also be used to remove dead skin and calluses around the nails. The accumulation of dead skin and calluses can affect the appearance and health of the nails. Using a electric nail drill can remove these impurities, making the nails cleaner and healthier.

Usage instructions:

1.Insert the nail removal and polishing head, connect the power cord of the polishing machine, and turn on the switch of the polishing machine.

2.Directly remove the old nail polish from top to bottom, do not polish back and forth, as it may cause heat to the nails.

3.Use sandpaper and sponge to polish the nail surface flat.

4.Trim the dead skin and clean the nail surface.

5.Apply nutrient oil and massage until it is absorbed. Then it is done, clean and does not harm the nails.

Electric nail drill

Nail polishing machines are convenient and efficient tools for manicuring. When using a nail polishing machine, it is important to follow the correct usage and safety precautions to avoid damaging your nails.

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