How to care for and trim your nails?

Whether you love to paint your nails or prefer to keep them natural, nail care is often overlooked as part of our self-care routines. If you've always wanted to get salon-quality nails on your own, we will tell you how!
Today, Morovan shares the tips and tricks for a perfect manicure and pedicure and how to properly care for every part of our nails.

Nail Care and Manicure Tips
The first step for a perfect at-home manicure: "First, we ask that people don't wash their hands between 30 and 60 minutes before they're going to do their manicure. Because think about it, even if you think your nails are dry after that, think about it like a wet sponge. Even if you rang out that sponge, it's still damp. And so you'd be putting paint onto a damp sponge, which you would never do. So then we take our nails and we dip them into the polish mover pot and that just gives us the last prep. We don't touch anything else. And then we paint because you want your nail paint to be painted on a very, very blank canvas that doesn't have any oil or water or anything in between the nail and the polish."
The proper nail painting technique: "The way we put the brush on a nail if everyone can imagine now, we take the brush and we put it in the middle of the nail to start, and then we slowly push it back towards the cuticle. And just before it hits the cuticle, we pull it forward and we usually do two or three swipes and we leave a little bit of a gap, a very, very small gap in the beginning. As you get better, you'll leave a smaller gap. The reality is no one can see the gap, but you, and you get way better at painting your nails. And if you slowly inch that brush towards the cuticle and then pull it forward, you're not trying to get everything."
How to get pesky glitter nail polish off: "The trick to glitter is to take a coat of your topcoat, paint a fresh coat of topcoat on your glitter nails and then remove it and it'll come off much easier."
How frequently should we get manicures? "If you are someone who likes your nails being done, and you are someone who likes that perfect polished look, and it does make you feel good — which there are surveys out there that say something like 98% of people feel better when their nails are painted — whatever that population is, then what we do recommend is that every week, mani and every other week Pedi, because that's really how it's going to look fresh and your best."

Hope you enjoyed these nail care tips! To learn more about all the things with nails, you can subscribe to the store.

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