Acrylic Powder:Beginner Tutorial

Acrylic Powder is a material widely used in the process of manicure. Acrylic Powder manicure usually has a modern and fashionable feel, as it can use various colors and designs that can adapt to different occasions and styles. Many fashion enthusiasts like Acrylic Powder manicure because it can enhance their sense of fashion and personal charm.

Acrylic Powder

Compared to other manicure materials, the advantage of using Acrylic Powder is that it can create various shapes and designs. Because Acrylic Powder powder can be shaped into the desired shape, designers can create more intricate and complex patterns with various colors and shapes, thus achieving a variety of different manicure designs, such as sharp pointed or round nails.

In addition, Acrylic Powder manicure has very good durability and can last for several weeks without wearing off or falling off. This is because the polymer materials used in Acrylic Powder have high strength and stability, and can withstand various pressures and frictions.

Acrylic Powder

Instructions for using Acrylic Powder:

1.Pour the Acrylic liquid into a crystal cup.

2.Apply a finger holder on the fingertip.

3.Clean the Acrylic powder brush with the Acrylic liquid first.

4.Use the Acrylic powder brush to take the powder and place it at the junction of the paper tray and the nail. Spread the Acrylic powder evenly on the nail surface, covering the entire surface without the need for light.

5.After the Acrylic powder is completely dry, shape the nail and polish the nail surface. Finally, apply a non-wash topcoat and cure under light for two minutes to complete.

How to use Acrylic powder to make your own nails?

Acrylic Powder nails are a very popular way of doing nails, which has strong plasticity and durability, and can create various designs. Although it requires some professional skills and experience to use, if used under the right conditions, it is a safe and efficient way to do nails.

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