50+ Prettiest Fall Nail Designs and Ideas to Try in 2022

Obsessed with fall? Check out the prettiest fall nail designs and ideas to recreate this year!

Ah fall (the season were we all collectively pretend to actually like pumpkin) is almost upon us. But however you feel about the season, I think it’s undeniable how pretty the autumn aesthetic is. Just think of the pretty reds, browns and oranges!

Fall has to be my favorite season, just because of how so so pretty everything becomes with the leaves falling and the ground becoming a crunchy carpet of goodness. And I don’t know, there is just something so peaceful about the season. . .

Anyway in my mind fall has these main staples; pumpkins, sweaters and the color orange, it’s just such an aesthetic season!


If you’re as obsessed with fall as I am, check out these pretty nail designs that you can recreate to help you celebrate the season. . .

40 Prettiest Fall Nail Designs and Ideas to Try in 2022

1. Green and Orange French Tip Nails

Green and Orange French Tip Nails
instagram: @knot.nails

This is probably the most perfect and aesthetic set of French tip nails out there, like green and orange already go so well together, but even better when it’s for fall…


2. Fall Gradient Nails With Gold Strip

fall gradient colors nails with gold strip
instagram: @monika__nails

Fall colors are just gorgeous aren’t they? Celebrate the season by getting a mix or gradient of brown and burnt orange nails with a strip of gold nail art!


3. Brown Gradient Swirly Nails

brown gradient swirly nails
instagram: @nylove_nail

Obsessed with these chocolatey brown to white gradient swirly nails! They’re so pretty, right?! Don’t they remind you of hot chocolate and cozy sweaters?


4. Pink And Brown Swirly Nails

pink and brown swirly nails
instagram: @vwnails_

Pink and brown is such an unlikely combination but somehow it just works and for some reason it’s a combo that is screaming fall!


5. Brown Tortoise Nails

instagram: @gossipandgloss

When did tortoise print become so trendy? Don’t get me wrong I’m not at the trend, it’s so darn cute after all! I’m just wondering when it happened…


6. Abstract Orange Nails

Abstract Orange Short Nails
Instagram: @leannehaycocknailartist

If Fall had a flag, it would be orange. And there is nothing cuter than the burnt orange of autumn. . . Just like on these super cute abstract nail design!


7. Gold Flaked Nails

instagram: @nailsbymilee

This set is perfect if you’re looking for something simple but stunning, I mean a set transparent neutral nails with speckled gold flakes is so so pretty


8. Nude Nails with Orange French Tip and Leaf Art

Nude Nails with Orange French Tip - 35+ Prettiest Fall Nail Designs
Instagram: @_nailsbyemmaa_

We love a cute Frenchie but instead of all the nails having the same orange French Tip why not mix it up and add some cute leaf art or just any design to take your nails to another level!


9. Burnt Orange Nails with Flowers

35+ Prettiest Fall Nail Designs - Burnt Orange Nails with Flowers
Instagram: @glammedbeauty

If you want to vibe this fall, this set of nails is perfect, I mean the shade of orange could not be better!


10. Gold Spiderweb Nails

gold spiderweb nails
instagram: @naileditbeauty

How cute are these little golden spiderweb nails?! Such cute halloween vibes right? But also not overdoing the aesthetic….


11. Swirly Brown Nails

instagram: @nailsbymilee

Swirly nail art is just so cute, undeniably so. These milky, swirly brown nails are just delicious.


12. Green And Brown Nails With Gold Flakes

green and brown nails with gold flakes
instagram: @nailsmade

Forest green and this cute terracotta color go so well together, and adding the gold flake adds a nice fall touch to the set…


13. Gingham Nails but Make it Autumn

35+ Prettiest Fall Nail Designs - Gingham Nails but Make it Autumn
Instagram: @emilyjanelathan

I’ve always been obsessed with gingham and I don’t understand why it gets such a bad rep all the time to be honest. Clearly gingham print is super cute!!


14. Gold Foil Autumn Nails

Gold Foil Autumn Nails
Instagram: @mnailbar.lch

Gold foil on nails are such a fall staple or is that just me? These elevated brown french nails would be really cute for the season. . .


15. Green Pumpkin Nail Art

Green Pumpkin Nail Art
Instagram: @nailsbypaulin

I know pumpkins are such an autumn cliché, but they’re a cliché for a reason, we love them! They’re super aesthetic and cute as nail art!


16. Brown To White French Tip Nails

instagram: @nailsmade

You can never go wrong with a good French tip manicure and this combination of pinkish brown with a white French tip is stunning!


17. Pink Nails With Gold Marble

Pink Nails With Gold Marble
Instagram: @modernpampersalon

You may love autumn as much as the next person but still not want nails that scream fall. And that’s okay, you can still celebrate the season with pink and gold marble effect nails that are giving subtle autumn vibes. . . Or is that just me?


18. Crystal and Gold Autumn Nails

Crystal and Gold Autumn Nails - 35
 fall nail designs
Instagram: @cheyennesnails_

If you love going all out, and I mean all out on your nails, then these fall inspired nails will be literally perfect for you!


19. Cheetah Print Frenchies

Cheetah Print Frenchies - 35+ Fall Nail Designs
Instagram: @nailbarofficial

Talk about an elegant pair of frenchies! This is definitely a set of super cute and fun but also kinda classy nails. . .


20. Autumn Leaves Nails

Autumn Leaves Nails
Instagram: @zack_pn

This is a really pretty fall inspired manicure! The details are just immaculate!

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