15 Summer Nail Art Ideas

15 Summer Nail Art Ideas That Use Just One Nail Polish Color

Having a head-turning manicure doesn’t have to be complicated. Turns out, all you need to achieve summer nail art success is just a base coat, your fave color, and a dollop of creativity. Any minimalist chick (or one that’s just too busy) will appreciate these simple nail designs that require just onenail polish color and can all be DIY’d in the comfort of your own home. Scroll down to see some of our most inspiring picks.

1:Lines and Dots: Take one simple shade and create fun dots and lines on your digits with a thin nail art brush

2. Dots of Color: Use a toothpick to dip into your favorite polish and dot it onto the base of your nail for a classic style.

3. Gold Rush: Ditch the polish and opt for sticky stripes that guarantee the straightest lines.

4. Not Your Typical French: Why opt for a typical French manicure when you can achieve a bolder look with a unique touch of color?

5. Shapes: Have a blast mixing any shapes from squares to circles on your nude nails.

6. Curved Lines: Classic curved lines are all you need to make a bold statement this season.

7. Polka Dots: Go for a vintage-inspired design with polka dots.

8. Holographic: Holographic stickers upgrade even the most basic of base shades.

9. Naked Middle: Using a circle sticker in the middle of your nail, take a graphic approach to your warm-weather mani.

10. Shimmering Stars: Keep things patriotic with these white-on-white shimmering stars that still give just the right amount of flair.

11. Works of Art: Any artsy babe will appreciate some groovy lines that are open to interpretation.

12. Triangles: Who knew cuticle triangles would have your nails looking this eye-catching and cool?

13. Upside-Down French: Go topsy-turvy with a streak of color at the base of your nail to add a lively twist.

14. Outlined in White: If you love a nude nail but want to spice it up, this white outline look is idea00l.

15. Black on Nude: No need to go crazy with bright colors. Sometimes simple tones do the trick.

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