7 Easter Nail Designs - Best Easter Nails You Need To Try This Spring

Are you looking for cute Easter nails with creative designs like bunny nail art, chick nail art and more? If so, you'll love these ideas!

Easter is right around the corner, and what better way to get into the spirit of the spring holiday than to get a cute Easter inspired manicure? Whether you're after cute nails with chicks, eggs, bunnies, or just plain pink nails, MOROVAN offers many different nail art options for you to choose from.

Our professional nail artists at MOROVAN have designed these most striking acrylic and natural nail art pieces. If you want to see more beautiful designs, be sure to follow us on instagram: @morovanoofficial!

Now, let's get into the best Easter nail art!

1. Pastel Dots

Teeny, colorful dots make any manicure resemble malted milk eggs (everyone's Easter favorite!). Use a nail dotting tool to achieve this fun design.

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2. Bunny Nails

Before you go hopping down the bunny trail, don't forget an Easter bunny nail sticker for the occasion.
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3. Colorful Nail Tips

If you find full nail color a little overwhelming, try adding a pop of color along the tip of your nails. Bonus points if you go for a pastel palette.

4. Easter Egg Nails

After all, Easter eggs are one of spring's best activities! A nail liner pen is the best way to get those tiny black specks.
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5. Rabbit Mark

Bunnies are at the forefront of Easter, so why not showcase them on your nails? To keep it chic, consider these negative space cuties for your holiday mani.

6. Easter Egg Nails

Eggs are often a major part of any Easter celebration, which is likely why these eggs-inspired nails are such a fun idea for the holiday.
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7. Classic Pastels

The soft, muted shade of this manicure turns rainbow nails into the perfect Easter look.