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As a very important fashion element, nail art can bring different styles and colors to women's life journey. The changing trends of nail art are also an important basis for interpreting and reflecting a girl's journey of transformation.

A girl, a naive and lovely term, carefree and innocent, nestled beside her father and mother, she is the center of the family, and happiness is synonymous with her. When she is still a girl, she loves trendy colors and bright patterns, and yearns to emit her youthful breath when she is young. Therefore, for a girl, nail art should represent personality, vitality and fashion. At this stage, she chooses bright colors and patterns such as flowers, stars, and stripes to express her personality and youthful breath, creating a vibrant effect. She also likes to use light pink, light yellow and other colors, matched with some floral, heart-shaped and other patterns, to create a sweet and lovely effect. During this period, she pursues a unique beauty, allowing her nails to show her uniqueness and charm.

During her teenage years, she enjoys trendy, fashionable, and personalized styles. This nail art combines the popular checkered element, with bold and bright colors that showcase the vitality and personality of a teenage girl.

Rainbow colors and various flower patterns, along with eye-catching color combinations, are her favorite during her teenage years.

Fluorescent pink paired with rainbow-colored lines, bright and vivid colors, are a must-have for blooming teenage girls.

As a teenage girl grows up, works and gets married, she takes on the additional role of a mother. When she becomes a mother, her focus shifts to the growth of her children and the development of her family. Despite being busy, she still wishes to maintain her beauty and fashion sense. At this stage, she uses simple and elegant patterns to showcase her taste. For example, using basic colors such as black and white, combined with simple lines and embellishments, to create a concise and artistic effect. There are also some classic and fashionable colors, such as red, purple, pink, and gray, which are usually more mature and stable, while still retaining femininity and elegance, fitting her aesthetic taste and attitude towards life at this stage. During this period, she pursues a mature and stable beauty, and pays more attention to the practicality and maintenance of her nails.

Nude nail art with simple and elegant style is very suitable for her now. There are no complicated designs, only a few shining rhinestones to showcase her temperament and elegance.

Black nail art is a very charming and unique style that gives off a mature and stable vibe.

White nail art with a touch of gray glitter and gradient creates a unique elegant charm and exquisite feel.

Nude nails paired with simple lines and French Ombre create a natural, minimalist and elegant look.

As time went by, her children grew up and gradually developed their own sense of aesthetics. Just like she was in her youth, her children loved beauty and enjoyed dressing up. At this point, she chose to create a parent-child manicure with her daughter to express their love and the warmth of their family. Wearing this parent-child manicure, she felt the deep love and care between them, as well as a bond that connected her to her past self.

Parent-child nails can be created with the same glitter elements and using different, light and dark color schemes.

Another idea for creating parent-child matching nail designs is to incorporate themed elements such as Christmas or Easter themes, which can add a festive touch and create a warm and happy atmosphere for parent-child bonding.

In general, a girl's nail art style evolves with her age and life experiences. From bright and vivid colors during her teenage years, to a variety of styles during her young adulthood, to a clean and practical approach during her marriage and motherhood years, each stage has its own nail art style. Regardless of the style, she is unique and beautiful in every phase of her life.

The above parent-child style nail art can be achieved using Morovan's Gel nail polish kit.

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