Clear nail design of UV builder gel for 2023

Clear nail design is a highly popular nail style, characterized by a transparent appearance that can be paired with various patterns and designs, making your nails look more refined and fashionable.

Clear nail design has a transparent appearance and high durability, making it the preferred choice of many women. The biggest advantage of this clear nail design is its high durability, making it resistant to chipping and wear. Additionally, compared to traditional colored nails, clear builder gel nails are more simple and refined, making them suitable for a variety of occasions, whether it be daily life or special events.

How to make a clear nail design by using the UV builder gel?

Using UV builder gel to create a clear nail design is the best option. UV builder gel is a very strong and durable material that can make your nails more resilient and less prone to breakage or chipping. It also protects the nails from damage caused by daily activities and chemicals. UV builder gel can establish a thick foundation on your natural nails, increasing the length and shape of your nails. This makes it easy to fix short or uneven nails, while also creating different nail shapes and lengths.

In clear nail design, you can choose to add various patterns and designs to your nails, such as sparkling glitter, colorful dots, or cute cartoon patterns, among others. These patterns and designs can make your nails look more interesting and unique, while also complementing your clothing and accessories, creating the perfect fashion style.

In addition to adding patterns and designs, you can also choose to add jewelry or other decorations to your clear nails. For example, you can stick beautiful diamonds or pearls on your nails, which can make your nails look more luxurious and exquisite, while also making you stand out in a crowd.

Here are some beautiful transparent nail design recommendations:

1.Clear nail design:Light purple petal glitter clear nail design

This clear nail design features light purple flower petals with fine glitter accents on the fingertips, creating a natural and fresh yet elegant look.

This clear nail design is so pretty!

2.Clear nail design:Sparkling Glitter Clear Nail Design

This clear nail design uses large glitter flakes and is also embellished with plenty of fine glitter, making it very brilliant and eye-catching, transparent and glossy!

Beautiful clear nail design for you~

3.Clear nail design:Pink and gold dried flower clear nail design

This transparent nail design incorporates dried flowers to create a textured floral pattern, while the combination of pink and gold creates a luxurious and gorgeous look that is fresh and natural!

Clear nail design:Pink and gold dried flower clear nail design

How to make the clear nail design above?

Steps to make a clear nail design by using UV builder gel:

1.First, you need to file the nail surface.

2.Apply the Acid-free Nail Primer, no need to cure under the lamp, and apply the base coat and cure under the lamp.

3.Put on the nail form, make sure there is no gap.

4.The first time you apply the gel, place it at the tip of the nail, extend it to the desired length, cure under the lamp for 15 seconds to shape it.

5.The second time you apply the gel, place it in the middle of the nail and make an arc shape, cure under the lamp for 15 seconds to shape it, and then cure under the lamp for 60 seconds.

6.Remove the nail form and remove the floating gel.

7.Use a grinding machine and sanding bar to shape the nail.

8.Clean the nail surface.

9.Thinly apply a layer of light-curing gel, do not cure under the lamp, and place a large glitter on the nail.

10.After curing under the lamp, use the light-curing gel to flatten the nail surface.

11.Polish the nail surface and apply the top coat, then the nail design is completed.

Overall, clear nail design is a very fashionable and practical style of manicure. It can be paired with various patterns and designs, as well as various decorations, making your nails look more luxurious and exquisite. If you are looking for a simple yet stylish manicure style, then clear nail design is definitely a good choice.

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