Beginners Guide to Nail Stamping - Nail Arts in Minutes

In today's age, your Instagram feed is a canvas of nail art—geometric patterns, intricate florals, and even personalized words. But the burning question remains: How can you translate these designs onto your own nails?

Introducing our solution! Whether you're a nail stamping newbie or in need of a refresher after a hiatus, our beginner's guide has got you covered. This comprehensive video tutorial unveils the secrets to achieving these stylish looks while infusing your personal touch. Dive into the nail stamping process and have all your queries addressed in one place, equipping you with the confidence, creativity, and tools to create striking stamped designs.

You'll soon realize that nail stamping is not only an artistic endeavor but a therapeutic experience you'll want to relive time and time again.

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Tools Needed for Your Party-Ready Manicure

1. Stamping plates

2. Stamper

3. Scraper (many stampers come with a plastic scraper card)

4. Stamping polish

5. Smudge-Free Top Coat

Additional Supplies That Can Be Useful

100% acetone

Cotton balls or pads

Scotch tape

Paper towels

Clean-up brush (alternatives: q-tip or a clean eyeliner makeup brush)

Prepping Your Tools

1. Remove the blue protective film from the new nail plate.

2. Clean your stamper head with mild dish soap and warm water. Rinse, pat dry, and remove any lint with scotch tape. Reassemble the stamper.

The Nail Stamping Process

1. Apply polish or a clear base coat to dry nails.

2. Select a design from a nail plate.

3. Quickly apply a thin layer of stamping polish over the chosen design.

4. Scrape away excess polish at a 45-degree angle.

5. Swiftly pick up the design using your stamper.

6. Align the stamper over the nail and transfer the design.

7. If using the same design for all nails, clean the plate and repeat steps 2-6.

8. Seal the design with Smudge-Free Top Coat.


Nail stamping is an art form that can transform your nails into eye-catching masterpieces. Whether you're gearing up for a lively party or simply want to sport a unique and stunning look, mastering nail stamping will bring your creativity to life. Say goodbye to uncertainties and hello to fabulous nails that steal the show!

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