Animal print nail designs for Summer 2023

Animal print is a timeless and bold trend that continues to captivate the world of fashion. This summer, unleash your inner fashionista with animal print nail designs that exude confidence and personality. Whether you prefer the fierce and exotic patterns of a leopard, the sleek stripes of a zebra, or the intricate spots of a cheetah, animal prints offer a versatile canvas to express your unique style. In this recommendation, we will explore some of the top trends and creative ideas for animal print nail designs that will make a statement and elevate your summer look.

How to make a animal print nail design by using gel polish?

Here are some recommended animal print nail designs for 2023:

1.Animal print nail design: Classic Leopard Print

Leopard print is a classic and versatile choice that never goes out of style. Mimic the distinctive spots of a leopard on your nails by using a combination of black, brown, and golden hues. For a modern twist, experiment with different nail shapes, such as stiletto or coffin, to give your nails a fierce edge. You can also add a touch of glamour by incorporating metallic accents or glitter on one or two accent nails. This design is perfect for those who want to channel their inner fashion-forward diva.

Recommend this pretty animal print nail design for you!


2.Animal print nail design: Striking Zebra Stripes

For a sleek and eye-catching look, opt for zebra print nail designs. The contrasting black and white stripes create a bold and graphic effect that is sure to turn heads. You can choose to cover all your nails with zebra stripes or create an accent nail with zebra print while keeping the others solid black or white. To add a touch of elegance, incorporate gold or silver accents or a matte top coat for a modern twist. Zebra print nails are perfect for those who want to make a striking and fashion-forward statement.

The animal print nail design is very eye-catching.


3.Animal print nail design: Cow Print Accents

For a more subtle and sophisticated approach, incorporate cow print accents into your nail design. Opt for a solid base color like nude, white, or pastel shades, and create cow print patterns on one or two accent nails. This minimalist yet stylish design allows you to experiment with negative space by leaving parts of the nail bare. You can also add a touch of glam by incorporating metallic accents or rhinestones to complement the cow print. This design is perfect for those who prefer a more understated and versatile look.

This animal print nail design is very unique!


Animal print nail designs are a fierce and fashionable choice for Summer 2023. Whether you opt for classic leopard spots, striking zebra stripes, exotic cheetah patterns, serpent scales, or colorful peacock feathers, these designs will add an element of wild sophistication to your manicure. Experiment with different colors, finishes, and accent nails to create a look that resonates with your personal style and embraces the spirit of adventure. Embrace your inner fashionista and let your nails roar with stylish animal print designs this summer.

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